OrthoSmiles Patient Testimonials

If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!


5 out of 5  

“I fully recommend Dr. Laski’s services to anyone. He is incredibly patient and thorough, and treated me like I was his number-one patient. Never been happier with my smile and I owe it all to him!”


“Not only does Dr. Laski have a gift in straightening teeth, but he also has an amazing bedside manner. He and his staff always made me feel comfortable and happy. Now my teeth are perfect.”


“I have seen fantastic results as a patient of Dr. Laski. In just under a year, my teeth are now perfect. Dr. Laski was extremely professional and attentive to my concerns about having braces as an adult. I always felt as though I was receiving personalized care, and the entire process was relatively painless. Thank you, Dr. Laski, for perfecting my smile and providing such excellent service as my orthodontist!”

By Christina R.

"Dr. Stacey, Thank you for getting me the smiles I was hoping for just in time for my wedding. You and your team did a phenomenal job!"


“I was referred to Dr. Laski by another orthodontist. 

He was extremely attentive, and I always felt that he had my best interests at heart, providing me with options and making recommendations for the most cost-effective course of treatment.

 By far, Dr. Laski has been the one that has provided the best service.”


“Thank you, Dr. Laski, for your great care and service that you have provided for me and my son. You have a big heart!”


“Dr. Laski helped me with some jaw pain I was experiencing. He was incredibly kind, patient, understanding, and very knowledgeable. My appointment was well worth the trip!”

By Hailey S.

"Dr. Kirshenblatt is a fantastic orthodontist! I had braces in elementary school, but because I didn't wear my retainer, my teeth shifted. I had invisalign treatment this time and it worked amazingly - I get compliments all the time on my smile! I couldn't recommend Dr. Kirshenblatt and OrthoSmiles enough!


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