Our Laski Legacy: Dr. Sol Laski

The “Roots” of My Practice Philosophy

My father, Dr. Sol Laski, founded Laski Orthodontics in Markham on December 4, 1978. He had a passion for moving teeth in order to create happy, healthy smiles, and he did this successfully for thousands of patients in York region and the surrounding areas.

Through his wonderful example of putting patients first, my father instilled a love of orthodontics in me, and this motivated me to pursue the same specialty in dentistry. When I joined the practice in 2009, my father and I became the first parent-child orthodontic team ever to have graduated from the orthodontic program at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry.

My father aimed to treat the whole person, not just the teeth. Over his 37 years of orthodontic practice, my father developed his philosophy of treating as many patients as possible without removing permanent teeth. I am most grateful to have learned numerous non-extraction strategies from my father, which I believe helps to provide the optimal aesthetic and functional result for patients.

My father was not only patient-first but also family-first, and he had a real zest for life. His smile and sense of humour were his trademarks. It was my father’s unique combination of dedication to the well-being of his patients and his passion for living life to the fullest that serves as the inspiration behind my own professional and personal philosophies.

My father and I worked together for several years until he passed away suddenly on December 17, 2014. Those who knew him can attest that my father was a very loving, caring, and generous father, husband, brother, grandfather, and friend. I strive to continue my father’s legacy.

— Dr. Brian Laski

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